Speices List

This page was last updated: August 29, 2019
Below you will find a list of speices at the pond. Click on an image for a descrption. If you see a speice that is not listed please contact us so we can add it.
Female American  Black Duck
 Male American Black Duck
     Brown Chinese Goose
              Buff Duck
             Canada Goose
            Cauyga Duck
Common Merganser
              Male Coot
             Crested Pekin
     Crested Blue Sweed
           Female Coot
            Male Redhead.
        Female Muscovy
           Female Wood Duck
                          Female Common Merganser
                              Great Blue Haron
            Greglag Goose
        Female Hooded Merganser
           Male Hooded Merganser
           Male Mallard
         Male Muscovy
             Male Wood Duck
                   Female Mallard
          Pekin Duck
     Northern Pintail
            Female Pintail
                    Ruen Duck
Indain Runner Duck
White China Goose
    Female Greater Scaup
Male Greater Scaup          
     Female Greater Scaup
Female Green Winged Teal
                                Male Green Winged Teal
                         Female Lesser Scaup
Male Lesser Scaup
Male Ring Neck Duck 
Female Ring Neck
              Male Ruddy Duck
        Rainbow Trout
                   Brook Trout
              Brown Trout
       Yellow Eared Slider
Red Eared Slider
              Snapping Turtle
                               Small Month Bass
                 Caspian Tern
             Mute Swan
             Bald Eagle                     Painted Turtle
                Boxed Turtle
                Snow Goose
More images below

              Kahki Campbell
                    Welsh Harlequin