For several years the Anglers Association has maintained a Junior fishing program on Saturday mornings from 
8am to 12 noon starting in April and ending in September.  Up to now, there has been nothing for the adult members to participate in.  Back in 2011 we changed that. Starting  the first Sunday in April,  adult members are allowed to fish from 8am to 12 noon Saturdays and Sundays with or without a junior member.  There will be a few rules to follow but I hope the program will be a success. 

Join the adult fishing by clicking on the link below, print it , fill it out and bring it the your first day of fishing or donate with PayPal using the donate button on the homepage and attach the completed form. The link below consist of three pages, information sheet rules sheet that should be read before fishing. and the registration form. Thank you for your interest! 
The following will apply:

  • Its free suggested donation of $15.00 a year
  •   You must possess a valid NY State fishing license which will be copied for our records

  •   You can catch and release or keep your catch but only two trout may be caught each day

  •   You must sign in at the shed before going out to fish and show your membership card

  •   Because there will be people at the pond to feed the wildlife, adult fishing will take place at the southern half of the pond away from the parking area

Signing up to fish also makes you a member of the Anglers Association as well

The Anglers Association of Onondaga need volunteers to open the shed and collect donations from the public. Any times that a person is available would help the association.

The task of a volunteer is quite simple. For more information regarding membership, please contact Chad Norton at 315-727-2922, stop down  and pay us a visit.

Adult Fishing Program
Starting: First Sat-Sun In April 
            Ending: Last Sat-Sun In September
Sundays 8AM-12NOON

Largest Fish Caught To Date